About Us

We 442 Soccer Bar is one of its kind bar which has its focus set on the wayswhich can allow one to have some of the best time. We display all of your Asian Football matches which have allowed us to contribute to bringing people with similar interests together. We are a soccer bar where you get to escape from all your daily worries and enjoy a few drinks and snacks with the games.

We have seen a significant rise in people who are interested in matches which have specifically involved the continent of Asia. There are leagues like UEFA Champions League, Chinese Super League, Afghan Premier League, etc. We try to make sure that we cover all the major leagues which can give interested people a chance at viewing their games in peace with us.
We at 442 Soccer Bar want to focus our attention towards the ambience we provide for your better experience. We have some of the best varieties of food which you can enjoy alongside your favourite games—a place which can allow one to view some of the most elusive games while enjoying a drink. If you think that we are not able to provide all the right soccer games for you, Contact us and your matches will be up on display in no time.
We want to make sure that our doors are open for all the soccer enthusiasts seven days of the week. All you have to do is to learn about our schedule and visit. For the people who are not able to visit our bar, do not worry as we can provide you with a solution. Sign Up to our channel, and get to enjoy some of the best Asian League games in the comfort of your own home.