In recent years, the football team of Malaysia has evolved and contributed significantly to the sport. It is almost as if the world has seen the rise of a new era in the domain of Malaysian football. Over the past decade, a few foreign players have joined the Malaysia Super League which has enhanced the quality of the sport in the country and contributed dramatically in widening its fan base. The motto of this article is to focus on those few players who have changed the shape of Malaysian football, so that you understand the mettle of these players in greater details.

Izwan Mahbud- Goalkeeper:

While putting together an article about the best football players of the Malaysia Super League, it is important that we start the list with Izwan Mahbud. Not many people acknowledge the efforts and talents of goalkeepers enough, but a true football fan would know that the role these players have to play in a match is indispensable. Izwan Mahbud happens to be one such goalkeeper who is nothing less than an asset for the Malaysia Super League.

Hafiz Abu Sujad- Left Back:

Roping in the left-back for the LionsXII side has only resulted in big wins for the team with the 2013 Super League and the 2015 FA Cup to its credit. Hafiz Abu Sujad has been quite a gem for the Malaysian football team, especially that of the Super League. He also joined JDT in 2018, but has surprisingly not returned to action in Malaysia’s top tier yet. However, he still remains one of the most coveted players in the domain of Malaysian football.

Marcos Antonio- Centre Back:

Antonio is often known as the JDT legend after his retirement and has several wins to his credit. The minute he joined the Super League, Marcos Antonio changed the way people perceived Malaysian football. He has five Super League titles, a Malaysia Cup, an FA Cup and an AFC Cup to his profile and showed no signs of slowing down till his retirement.


Obinna Nwaneri- Centre Back:

Another gem of a player who found his place in the Malaysia Super League, Obinna Nwaneri has won several matches for the team during his brief stint with the team. Though, his association with the league did not last long, Nwaneri went on to lead the other teams that he was a part of to win several titles, which is why he deserves a special mention in this list.


The Malaysia Super League has several players that it can flaunt of, some of who still continue their association with the league, while some others who have secured their status as legends after their retirement. In any case, these players have changed the face of Malaysian football and shall continue to do so in the years to come.