Football is a much-loved sport that gets the entire world rejoicing, especially when their favourite teams win or when they witness their favourite player score that winning goal. We have all got our favourites in this sport which is why we tend to take the losses as well the victories a bit too personally. More often than not, a person who might not have much knowledge about football ends up picking up a player to root for. Though, this might not make sense to many football fanatics, rooting for players even with a half-baked knowledge of the sport is very much a reality. In light of this topic, we have curated a few Asian players that the world is rooting for right now. Be it their charm on the field or the style with which they manoeuvre the ball, these Asian players have a lot to contribute to this sport.

Keisuke Honda:

The very first name that makes it to the list is that of Keisuke Honda, who is one of the finest football players from Asia. The reason why his name comes before everyone else is because he is a humble player of his own making who keeps working on his sport to evolve and grow as a player. There are rumours that keep doing the round about his transfer to AC Milan and Everton. It requires little mention that these clubs would benefit largely from his game if the transfer is to really happen.

Son Heung-Min:

Son Heung-Min grabs the second spot in this list and is one of the most sought after players right now. He has several clubs running after him to rope him in and at high salaries. His skills on the field are amazing, so much so that it prompted attention from some major football clubs like Arsenal and Spurs. Son Heung-Min has effortless control on the ball, and his technique is something that must be acknowledged.

Makoto Hasebe:

This Japanese footballer has been drawing the attention from Asian and European clubs alike because of the skills he portrays on the field. He is the glue that keeps the team together and pushes his teammates to realize their full potential. However, he is also quite underrated at what he does, and it is perhaps time that his name came to the forefront in the domain of football.

Yuto Nagatomo:

Yuto Nagatomo is that one name that cannot go amiss while discussing the best Asian footballers. His speed and his attacking skill are some features that must leave you in awe and that you must marvel at. However, it is not just his attacking skills that must be wondered at. He is a complete package who is capable of taking a team forward to some of the biggest wins.


There are several other players from Asia that you could look up to and admire if you really analyze their skills and performance over the years. However, the aforementioned ones are just the ones who cannot go unnoticed. It is time we gave them their due credit and brought them to the fore along with several other players who deserve the same recognition as European footballers.