Football in the Olympics is a rare occurrence but given the popularity of the sport, it has been introduced in the event. However, the space for the game is thin as the Olympics are not concentrated and known for this sport. The current Olympics has a lot of inclusion of games, including football, but the fact that the game is considered as an exhibition sport is self-evident that there is a long track to be followed and before it could be mainstream, the steps are to be taken for the promotion and advancement in the event.


Football was introduced as an exhibition sport in 1904, however, initially, football wasn’t considered in 1896. Ever since its introduction in the events, it has been held except for the year of 1932 when it was dropped. However, the game is yet to make it to the main events, but the current scenario in the overall gaming arena is an indicator of the popularity of the sport.

Women’s football team:

With the advent of women’s football in the year 1996, it cracked the ice in the Olympics and set a new era. Before this period, football was being dominated by men.


IN the year 1932, the game of football in the Olympics was excluded, however, all other games were included. This was the first time that it was done so.


IN the case of the selection process, there were a different set of rules that had to adhere to. The place of origin played an important role in the selection of players in the game. You were free to choose players to represent you if you happen to be from Asia, Africa, and Oceania, however, the players who had never participated in the world cup were allowed from Europe and South-America. In addition to that, a known fact about Olympic football is that not even a single team has managed to win a match on their home turf except for the American team in 1996 and not even a single win to Brazil except to the silver that they managed in 1996.

Great Britain and the USA:

The two countries have a feat in their name when it comes to football in the Olympics. Great Britain was the first country to win the go,d when football was launched and the USA currently holds a record in the number of medals and has also won thrice. In addition to that, the Japanese team happens to be on top as far as Asian football in the Olympics is concerned. They secured third place in the games of 1968.

Prize money:

Apart from the opportunity of showcasing the talent and making a name, the games offer a decent reward for the winners. With an amount of USD 36,000 for the gold medalist, $22,000 for the silver, and USD 15,000 for the bronze, there is enough determination for the player.


Given that the pandemic wreaked havoc on the world, the Olympics of 2020 were postponed and are scheduled to be held in the summer of 2021. This will be the fourth time that the gaming capital of the world will be hosting the Olympics.