Bundesliga is a professional football league in Germany. The league not only lives up to the standards of professionalism but also has one of the highest stadium audiences. Established in 1963, the league is based on 18 teams. The games are attended by more than forty thousand people on any average giving it a particular place among other European football leagues. The seasons are held from August to May and Germany’s primary football competition.


Bundesliga was formed in 1963. Before its founding, the German football went through transitions and with loosely formed clubs, but Bundesliga revolutionized the football clubs and sports in such a way that it became synonymous with the game. After the national football team of Germany lost against Yugoslavia, the need to form a football league arose. A year later the league was formed.


On 24 August 1963, the first games were played. Only 16 teams were selected out of the 47 that applied. The performance of these teams was taken into account and further assessed for the upcoming matches. These teams were the first that played in the league.


When the German democratic republic became part of the Federal Republic of Germany, the teams of both sides were merged. The clubs were sorted out and categorized into low tiers and top-tiers. This was the first time that teams from both sides were able to unite and form a single league.

The number of teams:

The league earlier allowed only 16 teams to be part of the even in 1964 but with time the number of teams was extended and following the unification of Germany, it was extended to 18.


Four of the Bundesliga clubs are included in the “most valuable” clubs according to Forbes. The name of which is: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04, and Hamburg SV.


Bundesliga attracts a huge amount of football crowd. In 2005-06, the audience of the league consumed 700,000 sausages and 3,000,000 liters of beer at Allianz Arena in Bayern, Munich.


In contrast to the earlier matches of the league, it’s expected to gain more popularity in the US in the next coming years. With more and more, sponsors coming to the game, the overall goodwill of the game is hiking to its new heights.


As compared to other leagues, Bundesliga assists the requirements of its players. With the game climbing to its new heights, the player’s salaries vary. On average, they’re played $2.5 million but players like Borussia Dortmund get paid more than that. The figures vary depending upon the position of the player.


The arguments are that compared to La Liga and Premier League, Bundesliga is not hard, but given the professionalism and display of utmost skills, the league has its share of talent and games that can be compared to none. Though still not able to get its cut of the popularity, the league plays an important role in the sports industry. Not just the players but also fans get to enjoy their share of a beautiful game.


The matches continue from May to August, usually played in the afternoons, and necessarily does not have a winter break. Bundesliga logo is produced by Robert Lewandowski, a Polish striker who was inspired by the movements of his football.


German Bundesliga is one of the reputed football leagues of the world. Though it’s not had its share of its promotion as far as its quality and standard is concerned, it’s second to none. With huge numbers of the audience that keep piling up, the figures and popularity are expected to rise in the coming years.