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Al Ain FC (UAE) – Al Sadd SC(QAT)


Al Ain FC (UAE) – Sepahan FC (IRN)


Al Sadd SC (QAT) – Sepahan FC (IRN)


Al Ain FC (UAE) – Al Nassr (KSA)


Al Sadd SC (QAT) – Al Ain FC (UAE)

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Most Popular Teams

Persepolis F.C

First in Iran Pro League. It was the first division of Iranian football since 1968 which is currently at the top.

Al Hilal SFC

First in Saudi Pro League. It is a Saudi Arabian multi-sports club which takes part in SPL since 1976.

Urawa Red Diamonds

A professional association football club of Japan’s football league. Currently at 4th position in J1 league.

Johor Darul Ta’zim

The top division football team of Malaysia. Plays in the Malaysia Super League, the club was founded in 1972.

Dempo SC

Known as ‘the whites’, Dempo FC is a Goan sports club that takes part in National leagues.

Pakhtakor FK

Currently at the top in Uzbekistan PFL. It was the only Uzbek club to play in top-level Soviet Football league.

Scheduled Matches

18 February 2020


Chiangrai United (THA)

Beijing FC (CHN)

22 April 2020

Beijing FC (CHN)

FC Seoul (KOR)

Summer Tournament

Jun 15th


UEFA Euro 2020 

The grand championship among the best teams in Europe.


City comeback stuns Madrid

A thrilling shocker in the last moments for Man City. Ramos gets a RED. Score 1-2.


Lyon hold on to beat Juve

A remarkable victory of Lyon over Juventus after the only goal scored at 31’ into the game.


Second legs start 10 March

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Football at the Olympics

Football at the Olympics

Football is a rare sport at the Olympics. Frankly, Olympics are not known for football events but with the time and popularity of the sport, narratives have shifted and its gained quite a place at least in the corridors of the decision committee. Football was introduced as an exhibition sport in the Olympics in 1904 and since then its been held at every Olympic game. Except for the Olympics of 1932, Football has held its space in the games. The last football game of the Olympics was won by Brazil in 2016.


When the Olympics were first introduced in 1896, football didn’t make it on the list. The game was introduced in1904 as an exhibition sport. Though there certain attempts to include the game much earlier but the attempts triumphed on after four years and made it into an exhibition sports only in 1904.

Women’s football team:

The male teams dominated scenes of Olympics football until 1996 when the first women football team was introduced. The first cup was won by the United States and had no age bar on the players.


When football was first introduced in the Olympics it acted as an exhibition like boxing but with time, it eventually made its space and in 1984, Olympics Federation allowed the countries to pick up professional players to represent the country. This transformed the sport in the Olympics and changed it from its amateur position to more professional.


The game was temporarily dropped from the 1932 Olympics. The games were held in Los Angeles and with exception to all football, all other games were allowed.


The selection of the players varied from their country of origin. Countries from Asia, Africa, and Oceania were free to choose players but the rule didn’t apply to the countries from Europe and South-America who were allowed to only choose players who had never been to the world cup.


Home advantage:

No Olympic team ahs managed to win on their home turf. Ever since the American team pulled off its win in 1996, no other team has scored a win on their home field.


The country is synonymous with football but shockingly it has never won gold in Olympic football. It only managed to get a silver in 1996.

Great Britain and the USA:

Football was first launched in 1900. Though in its infancy and as an exhibition, Great Britain scored the first gold. The USA holds the record of a maximum number of medals, winning thrice, runner-ups twice and bagged a single third place.

The last European country:

Among the European countries, Spain was the last European country to win the Olympic football in 1992 when they beat Poland in a final match at Nou Camp.


The organizers of the Olympic games make sure that Olympic football doesn’t overshadow the mainstream football. The age requirements for the participation in the game are all players being under the age of 23 except 3 players who are allowed to be above the prescribed age.

Asian teams:

Among the Asian teams, Japan happens to be on the top. The team managed a feat when they ended up in third place in 1968 games. Furthermore, the Olympic games were not held in the year of 1916.

Prize money:

Olympics are known for their hype. From Javelin throw to football, the games are loaded with fun where players from all around the world compete with each other. A UK gold medallist is provided an amount of USD 36,000 to train. Likewise, a Silver stands at $22,000 and Bronze with USD 15000. Above all, the honor that is attached to the victory not just elevates the player’s image but also brings glory for the nation he plays for.


2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Japan. The event will start on 24 July and end on 9 August. Japan has held the games three times before, in 1964, 72 and 98. The new Olympic games might see the introduction of five new sports i.e baseball/softball, karate, sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding.

UEFA Euro 2020

UEFA Euro 2020

UEFA European Football Championship was founded in 1958 and hold events every four years in Europe. Earlier known as the European nations cup, the championship changed its name to UEFA in 1968. The event attracts the attention of millions of football fans across the globe and has a reputation of its own in comparison to other sports events of its like. Excluding the host team, all the teams are required to compete in a qualifying match. Earlier expanded to only 8 teams, UEFA became the first to have 24 teams in its finals.


In the summer of 2020, the championship will complete its 60th year of inception. Stretching across 12 cities of 12 host nations, about 51 matches will be played in a matter of 31 days. These cities include Amsterdam, Baku, Bilbao, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome, and Saint Petersburg.


All teams except the host are needed to qualify for the Euros. 55 of the UEFA members compete for the 24 spots in the tournament. The qualification matches started in March 2019 and end by March 2020. The qualification process gives Euro its needed and final competing teams.

London stadium:

Wembley Stadium in London will host seven matches in Euros attracting ten of thousands of football fans. These matches include three group stage matches, one last-16 match, both semi-finals and the showpiece final from 12 June to 12 July. The stadium is expected to host a huge influx of football crowd of 600,000.

Previous wins:

The Euro cup attracts millions of viewers across the world. In 2012 alone its final was watched by an audience of 300 million making it second to FIFA world cup. The recent championship was hosted by France in 2016. It was won by Portugal managing a score of 1-0 against the host team. Only ten teams hold the championship titles,  Germany and Spain each have won three titles, France has two titles, and Soviet Union, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, and Portugal


Apart from all the ten teams that have a single title to their name from the 15 championships, Spain is the only team that has two consecutive wins in 2008 and 2012. Spain can become one of the successful teams in Euro 2020.


Every winning team is awarded a trophy. This trophy has a history of its own. Before the first trophy could be held in 1960,  Henri Delaunay, first General Secretary of UEFA who proposed the idea of a European championship died in 1955. The trophy is that’s awarded to the winning team is named after Henri Delaunay and is called Henri Delaunay trophy. However, the trophy has gone through remodeling and the new trophy weighs around 8 kilograms.

4 teams-24:

During the infancy of the Championship in the 1980’s, only four teams qualified but in 1996 it expanded to 16 teams making it easier for the European nations to qualify for the cup. After the expansion of countries and the establishment of various clubs, the need to increase the participating teams arose and finally in 2016, it was extended to 24. The qualifying teams, as well as host teams, have to qualify for their position, unlike the older times when the selection was automatic in various cases.

Final venue:

The finals of the tournament will be held in London. Wembley Stadium will host the final match of UEFA and it also happens to be the home place of the English team.


When it comes to football, the craze takes on a new level. It’s a whole new world. We can establish that none other sport has emotional hype as compared to football. Euros 2020 is going to be hosted across 12 cities in 12 countries making it one of the most happening events of the sports industry. Billions of people glued to their screens and millions cheering are what makes football not just a sport but a faith itself. Apart from that, the winner of the tournament will earn a hefty sum of €34 million. The event will be full of athletic skills, adrenaline shots and a whole lot of entertainment, and if you’re guessing who might win, you never know.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

The first cup took place in 1955. It’s the yearly football competition organized Union of European Football Associations which hosts 32 teams in the group stage. Considered to be one of the most prestigious football tournaments in the sports industry, the event attracts an overwhelming crowd across Europe as well as football fans across the globe. The final event of 2012-13 had the highest Tv ratings with 300 million viewers. The championship begins in late June with three qualifying rounds and a play-off round, all played over two legs.

Real Madrid:

Real Madrid has managed to pull of the title 13 times and since its inception in 1955, only 22 clubs have won the tournament. Alone in the 1950s, the club won five consecutive championships elevating the goodwill of the club among the football audience. Madrid happens to be the richest football club in the world and was awarded the FIFA Order of merit in 2004 for its contribution to the sports field.


Football is a game that brings people together, whether it’s the players or the audience. It has the caliber to create an atmosphere of coherence. Champions League has its anthem that’s played before the matches are started. Written by Tony Britten, the chorus of the official anthem is in French, German and English.


The championship has limited spots. 79 teams from 54 members of UEFA will be competing with each other to qualify for the 32 final teams. Countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, and France happen to be the top-ranking teams of the tournament, but also other teams will train to replace the champions from their spot.

Ban on English clubs:

The grim incident happened in 1985. On May 29 a group of English fans charged at the Italian fans resulting in complete chaos and a stampede like situation. Before a match between an English club (Liverpool) and an Italian club (Juventus) could start, the English fans broke down the fence between the two fan flocks. The result of this caused the Juventus fans to fall back onto a terrace and the wall collapsed which caused the death of 39 people and around 500 injuries. It’s uncertain as to what caused the start but those responsible were prosecuted and English clubs were banned for a period of five years.

Fastest goal:

The tournament has the credit of having the fastest goal to its account. A Dutch player, Roy Makkay scored the fastest goal ever recorded in the tournament in 10.12 seconds for Bayern Munich.

Badge of honor:

Any club that manages to win five championship titles or 3 in a row is entitled to the UEFA badge of honor. Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern, Liverpool, and Ajax include the recipients of the badge of honor. The badge is simply stitched on their uniforms and shows the number of times they have won the trophy.


The event is the most-watched sports event in the field. The finals in 2012-13 were aired across 200 countries with a TV audience of around 360 million. This makes the event a marvel of its own where it cuts across the different boundaries and unites the world by spirit.


The UEFA keeps the original trophy to itself and the teams who won are entitled to a full-sized replica. This replica can be held by any team that musters up the skill to manage a win three or five times in a row. The trophy weighs around 7.5kgs.


The championship begins in late June where 79 teams from 54 UEFA members contest for the final spot of 32 teams. Countries like France, Italy, and Germany sit on the top spots, but given the unprecedented nature of the game, small clubs can, however, replace the spot. The UEFA is held every year that draws crowds from diverse backgrounds and glues them together by football. Not only that, the matches are packed with people where the show of sportsmanship and skillful players take the lead of the match. From the chanting of fans to the shots of adrenaline that pumps in the bodies of athletes, the UEFA 2020 is destined to make and break new records this year.

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