Similar to the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga is one of the most popular and prominent football leagues in the country. Compared to other football leagues, La Liga might have to wait for some time until it makes the much-deserved space, but its hike to popularity is second to none. Having the title of the first football club in the country, the genesis of the club dates back to 1929, it starts in February and ends in June. Initially, the number of teams that could participate was lesser, but as the league progressed, it was increased to 20 clubs.

Oldest players:

La Liga happens to be the oldest League in the country, but to add further to the surprise, it also has allowed the oldest player on the field. 48-year-old Harry Lowe is the oldest player that has ever played in the series. This gave the player a unique record and name in the game. He replaced against Valencia in the event of a player falling sick.

Oldest club:

Over the years, the League has given space to clubs and allowed them to break records in the game. Founded by William Alexandar Mackay in 1889, Recreativo de Huelva is a unique name and its foundation was that of a surprise. Initially, the club was founded by gathering mine workers of Andalusia, and the football club was formed. A year later the game was played.


Even though Barcelona’s Messi holds the record number of goals in his account with 245 goals in 278 games, but we can trust the record will soon be broken as Argentinian Messi is et to take over the Telmo Zarra’s 251 goals in 277 games.


The good thing about professional football is that records are broken and made. The league has given the world many of the records and legendary players that have made a mark in football history. Pichichi is one of the popular names in the league. Commonly known as Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, the 29-year-old died of typhus. The administration of the game has conferred his nickname on the top scorer of the game. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you hear this word a lot in the games.

Nou Camp:

When it comes to football stadiums, there is no equivalent in any game. The contribution of Spain in the field of football is overwhelming and its stadium Nou Camp is one of the significant sights in the game. With a capacity of 90,000 people, the stadium is spacious enough to make it one of the largest in the world.


The earlier matches whether in cricket or football were a rare sight. Being the first, playing in all-white, Real Madrid is one of the richest clubs in the world. In addition to that, the players are offered Spanish citizenship, after the participation of 5 years in the league.


With 6 million viewership across, twenty teams compete for the final prize. The league is one of the best options in professional football that not just contributes to the global game but also offers the audience an enticing experience.