Twenty clubs participate in the Spanish La Liga football. La Liga was the first Spanish football club in 1929 and the session started in February and ended till June. Earlier it allowed only ten clubs to participate but eventually, it was developed to accommodate 20 clubs. Barcelona and Real Madrid happen to be the two clubs that currently dominate the Spanish La Liga. However, the number of participants was extended to 22 teams in 1995 but it was later reduced to 20 clubs.

Oldest players:

The Spanish La Liga has in its account the credit of allowing the oldest football player. Harry Lowe was an English man of 48 years of age played his first and only match for Basque side Real Sociedad. In those teams couldn’t make replacements and when one of the players fell ill, Howe took his place and played against Valencia. The match gave Howe a different mark in the football industry.

Oldest club:

Recreativo de Huelva is the oldest club in the span. Founded in 1889 by Englishman William Alexander Mackay, who gathered workers in his mining company Andulasia and persuaded them to form a football team. They played their first match in 1890. At that time, all of the players were British but with time, the team’s skills and its diversity can speak for itself.


Barcelona’s Leo Messi’s game speaks for his contribution and dedication to the game. The highest number of goals scored by a player is 251 by Telmo Zarra in 277 games but Leo Messi has already scored 245 goals in 278 games. It wouldn’t be far when Argentinian Messi finally replaces the Legend and makes another mark for himself


La Liga has no dearth of world-class football players and where there is a skill, records break and come. Pichichi was the nickname of Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, a striker who died at the age of 29. The cause of his death being Typhus. His nickname was decided to be the name of the trophy meant for the top scorer of the game. So, if you concentrate on the game or perhaps when Ronaldo scores a point, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear the word “Pichichi”. It often pops up during the commentary especially when Ronaldo or Messi score a goal.

Nou Camp:

When it comes to Spain, none can contest their contribution to the field of football. Barcelona’s Nou Camp can fit in 99,000 people in its stadium making it one of the largest gaming stadiums in the world.

Richest club:

When it comes to revenue, two Spanish clubs steal the spot: Barca and Real Madrid. Real Madrid is the richest club in the world with an average revenue of $680 Million followed by Barca at €483 million. These two clubs manage the summit of the Spanish club and dominate its gaming arena.


Real Madrid is the only team that’s recorded to play the matches in All-white. The team didn’t wear colored batches to identify.


Soo after La Liga was expanded to 12 clubs in 1934, it was suspended in 1936 due to the Spanish war. However the suspension continued till 37, the league was finally restored in 1939.


The league has convenient rules for the participation of the players. If players that don’t have European ancestry, are entitled to application of the Spanish citizenship after playing for five years in Spain. This does not cover ACP countries.


Spanish La Liga is one of the most popular sports events in the world. Contested by twenty teams, the league features one of the best teams of the world fighting to reach the top spot. Since its inception, the league has extended its number of teams to 20. The matches start from May and last until August next year. It attracts a wide audience of 6 million and much more from TV viewership.