Serie A is the football tournament of Italy operating since 1929. For the last 90 years, the football league has attracted topmost clubs of the country to compete in the league. During its creation, it was regulated by Directorio Divisioni Superiori and Lega Calcio organizes the Serie A since its establishment in 2010. It is ranked 4th in the list of European leagues and second-best national leagues of the world.


Before the creation of the league, the regional football in Italy remained in chaos until Football Federation took the matters in their hands. It was founded in 1929, but due to the political pressure by the Fascist government few of its internal settings were changed, though it soon recovered from its traditional approach and went on to becomes the most prominent football league in the country.


There was a varying change in the number of clubs the league allowed. In 1929, the league allowed 18 clubs to participate but decreased the number to 16 in 34. The league kept increasing and decreases the number of clubs finally settling at 20 clubs in 2004. As of now, the standards of 2004 continue to be maintained.


Serie A season starts in August and lasts till May. At this time, every team plays 38 matches in the event. In the first half of the season, named the andata, each team plays against each rival of the league once, for a total of 19 matches. The teams are playing in precisely the sa that ho

Logo:me and away conditions are turned on.

Serie A logo has been derived from the logo of its sponsor Telecom Italia. However, the Logo was changed because of the change in the sponsor’s logo. As of now, there have been announcements of a new logo.


The league holds Television rights in multiple countries that include India, Israel, USA, and The UK. Instead of having to sell the individual rights, league ponders upon a different approach are about more than 54 countries where the games are telecasted.


The sports league attracts a huge crowd and if we were to exclude the TV viewership, the average capacity in a league match crosses over 40,000 for a stadium. Given that the game is broadcasted in more than 50 countries, the TV viewership has quite increased over the years and with the internet, football fans can easily watch games without having to put up with any hassle.

Top scorer:

The Italian league has its stallion. Silvio Piola has scored 274 in his career that lasted from 1929-52. Francesco Totti has stolen the second position with 250 goals in his career from 1992-2017.


During World War 2, the matches were canceled due to the inability to hold the event. But soon the Serie A was restored in 1945.


Serie A is the top division of football in Italy. Likewise, a Serie B was founded in 1929 and Serie C was also formed. Matches that are played in Serie C are mostly unprofessional, amateur and are on a regional basis whereas, Serie A is the destination the top-level football in the country.


Serie A players are worthy as neither their skills nor their experience can be compared to anyone. Juventus pays the highest salary to its club players as of now and as far as the team is concerned, AC Milan has a brand value of $315 million according to the statistics of 2018.


Serie A is the highest level of the football league in Italy. Its reputation in European football is hidden to known. Not just it shows an exemplary representation of interesting games but it also contributes to the world of football by producing the finest of the footballers. Among other divisions of football in Italy, Serie A is the topmost level of the game, whereas other division Serie B and C can be termed as preparatory to reach up to Serie A