UEFA is one of the most popular football events in the world. With the current radical approach and aggressive promotion of the organizers, the championship is known all over the world. Founded in 1958, the events are held every four years, the current name was adopted in 1968. Not just among the football fans, but the event is popular among people across all lines. Out of the 24 that are to compete in the event, only 23 are supposed to qualify and the host isn’t required to do so.


Over the last few decades, UEFA Euro has gathered quite an audience for itself and as the world moves on to a new year and the markets are opening up, the new world will see a new shift in sports also. The event was supposed to be held in 2020, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed to be held in the next year. However, the champions trophy was played in the same year behind closed doors with reduced capacity.


The event will still be called UEFA 2020 in which the teams willing to compete will need to qualify. The matches start in March that allows the teams to battle for the final spot in the tournament. There are 24 spots in the event and 55 members compete for that.

London stadium:

The event as mentioned earlier was supposed to take place in the previous year, however, the postponed events will still be known by the same year celebrating the 60th year of the foundation of the event. The Wembley Stadium in London will be quite a sight attracting a crowd of 600,000 for its group matches, and also the semi-finals.


The expectations and predictions are that Spain’s can become one of the best teams in the event. It has the win of 2008 and 2012 in its account making it the only one to do so. Surely, when the games are held, the performance of the team will be worthy of time.


The trophy that’s awarded to the winning team is known as the Henri Delaunay trophy. There is an interesting history of the name. It’s named after the first General Secretary of UEFA Henri Delaunay who died in 1955 before the first match could be held. He was the one who had put forth the idea of the championship.


Championship has changed a lot. The initial was hard, and alone in 1996, only four teams had qualified before this year, but 96, it was expanded to 16 teams.

Final venue:

The finals of the tournament will be held in London. Wembley Stadium will host the final match of UEFA and it also happens to be the home place of the English team. The next significant improvement came in 2016 when this limit was allowed to increase to 24. Unlike the older times, both the hosts and teams had to qualify.


Football is a next level sports and when the games are held, the fervor across 12 cities in 12 countries will be a sight worthy of experiencing.