There is no contest when it comes to football in the European continent, but if we were to compare the modern game with the earlier version, it can be concluded that a lot has changed in recent years. The current form of the UK premier league was founded in the year 1992. Football is one of the most popular sports in the country, contested by 20 clubs, a total of 49 teams have made an entry in the league since its formation. Not just inside the country, but the event draws huge crowds from outside the country, and given the radical advertisement of the organizers, the stadiums are packed with hope and cheers.

The foundation:

The promotion of football and its significant development in the country was possible due to the contribution of various clubs, and a huge of that goes to the UK Premier League. Earlier known as the EPL (English Premier League) and founded in 1992, it hosts 20 clubs who play 38 matches. In addition to that, to motivate the participating clubs, the League has a sum in shares that form the corporation.


In comparison to its other counterparts, huge crowds are glued to their TV screen thanks to the UK Premier league. The ratings perform better when it is compared to UEFA Coefficients. With a TV audience of 4.7 Billion, the event can cut across the national boundaries and unite people on one thing; football. Even though the current pandemic may have affected the game as none could be held, but as the world moves on to a new era, the games are expected to be back on track.

Victory and Participation:

When we are mentioning the UK Premier League, Machester United has a record unlike anyone else. Being one of the six clubs that have won the league, it has won the title 13 times carving and living up to its reputation. The other winning clubs include Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Blackburn, and Leicester.

Casino Sponsorship:

To everyone’s surprise, there is a decent gambling contribution in the sponsorship of the clubs. The five clubs – Bolton, Sunderland, Swansea City, Wolverhampton, and Aston Villa are sponsored by the gambling houses.


The UK Premier League has had a lot of changes including its name that we have now. In 2001, it was known as Barclaycard Premiership which was changed to Barclays Premiership in 2004. It was named to Barclays Premier League in 2007 until it came to be known as UK Premier League.


Ownership is a shared one. The corporation has every participating team as a shareholder and the decision regarding the League is to be vetted and approved by every member.


Though many of the teams are English, it also has a share in diversity. Given the popularity of the sport in the world, the UK Premier League attracts millions of viewers and fans of the sport and hitches them to their TV Screen. With the participation of high-end football clubs, entertainment and professionalism are guaranteed.