In 1992, teams of a football league resigned and formed what would become Premier league one day. None can contest the popularity of the Football and when it comes to UK Premier League, the event speaks for itself. The Premier league not just draws millions of football fans from across the world but also maintains the highest sports standard. Contested by 20 clubs playing 38 matches each, the seasons have featured 49 different teams from 1992. The event draws huge crowds from within and outside the country generating a hefty amount of revenue. It makes the country a mecca of football.

Inception and number of teams:

The EPL (English Premier League) or the Premier League was formed in May of 1992 when First Division clubs resigned from the Football League and formed the Premier League. The League hosts 20 clubs playing 38 matches. Most of the games are played on Saturday and Sunday Afternoon from August to May. Apart from that, the participating clubs get a huge sum in shares in the Corporation gain of €2.2 Billion.


The Premier league sets itself on par with other football leagues of the world. Its position in UEFA coefficients of leagues ranks second. The categorization is based upon the performance of the league against its other European counterparts. The sports event has an overwhelming TV audience of 4.7Billion and its average match attendance in 2018-19 was 38, 181. The event cuts across borders and brings the football fans together to cheer and support their favorite club.

Victory and Participation:

Out of the clubs that have participated in the league since its establishment, 47 of them happen to be English and two Welsh clubs. Only six clubs have managed to win the Premier League i.e Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Blackburn, and Leicester. Manchester United have pulled off the title more than others numbering its win to 13 times. Apart from this, various other clubs participate in the league which develops a tough game for other clubs.

Casino Sponsorship:

Rules and laws that govern casinos differ from country to country. Among the total number of teams, five of them are sponsored by gambling and casino houses. They feature advertisements on their jerseys. Bolton, Sunderland, Swansea City, Wolverhampton, and Aston Villa all are sponsored by various Casino houses or gambling sites.


Players are an important element of the team and as long as their requirements are taken into account, their performance on the field can be appreciative. On an average team spend on their players a whopping amount of $115 million for one year and among all others, Chelsea offers much more than New York Yankees. $ 286 ought to give it a different place among the preference of players. Chelsea is currently the highest paying club as of now.


The premier league hasn’t been Premier all the time. It’s gone through quite a transition since the time it came to be. Barclaycard Premiership became its name in 2001 and the name had its transformation in 2004 as Barclays Premiership, but before the name could get stuck, it was again changed to Barclays Premier League in 2007. Over the years, the name has found its way and it’s now called as UK Premier League or English Premier league outside of UK.


The league acts like a corporation and every club out of the 20 clubs is a shareholder. The decision to alter rules and introduce new measures in the league are not initiated until every member club gets to put forward their vote.



UK premier league draws millions of football fans to the event and glues billions to their TV sets. It is currently the most popular sports event in the world. It features 20 clubs contesting each other to win the ultimate prize and head home with a smile. Though many of the teams are based out of London, other teams are not naive either. Highly-skilled players and world-class athletes compete with each other and represent their respective clubs that not just elevate their position in the audience but also entails the football fans to have immemorable gaming experience. So if you see people glued to their Television sets during the league, its that they can’t help.