UEFA Champions League is one of the most prominent football leagues in the world. Compared to its counterparts in Europe, the league has carved a special place in the football arena and any sort of mention of the game is impossible without the consideration of UEFA. However, with the unprecedented pandemic, the games are likely to be changed, and not just the social distancing rules, but there have been major changes to make the sport more sophisticated and avoid any unfair means in the game.


Not everything can be acquired by being defensive, the attack is an integral part of the game and with a slight change of the rules, the free kicks won’t allow you to penetrate the defensive walls. You no longer have to leave the penalty area for the free kicks to be in the play-in area.


The balls within the box or if the play was stopped inside the given area, the drop balls will be given to the goalkeeper. However, if the balls were dropped outside the box, the ball will be dropped to the last team with all other players being four meters apart.

The touch:

You are allowed to use your hands in football in some circumstances, however, for field players, the area is very slim. There is a change of rules in this matter that if the player either by his hands or arms attempts to create a chance or secures a goal, the goal will be discarded and it will be considered an offense. This will also apply to the situation where the player may throw his arms to grasp the ball, however, the use of head and kicks is no doubt the same.


In case of a penalty kick, the goalkeeper is prohibited from touching the post or bar, keeping one foot on the line. However, this is to be kept in mind that the rules are to adhere to when the kick is being taken. In the case of the substitute players, they are now allowed to leave the field from the exit that is nearest to them.

Coaches and managers:

The coaches and managers will not be exempted for misconduct, instead if such a violation happens, they will be handed yellow and red cards for warning. In addition to that, the new rules entail that only 12 players will be allowed for the bench whereas Premier League Clubs will have seven.

Handball Rule:

There is a new rule in force in matters of the handball law. However, in cases of VAR, nothing has changed. The pitch-side monitors will be checked by the referees which have already been used by the Champions Leagues referees. The technology will be applied in the group stages of the Champions League, however, the same will make its entry in the knockouts in Europa League.


The change in the rules is to bring more transparency in all the games, but as the league is diverse, it’ll take some time to bring changes like the usage of VAR in all the games. However, the basic rules have no loopholes and are to be followed in letter and spirit.